In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Health Psychology Association

Document Type : Scientific Research



Objective: the purpose of this research is studying of : Mindfulness Integrated Behavior- Cognitive Therapy Effect on psychological well-being, quality of life among multiple sclerosis patients.
Method: Materials and Methods: This research is a quasi-experimental design of which the corpus is all multiple sclerosis patients that have a file at MS Society of Iran. Of these30 were selected by Voluntary sampling and were randomly divided into two groups: experimental and control group , then testing group were under Mindfulness- Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Instruments that used is quality of life’ 54 items, and psychological well-being questionnaires that completed by patients. Behavior- Cognitive Therapy based on Mindfulness was used to the experimental group. After completion of the process both experimental and control groups were filled in the questionnaires again .data were then analyzed using Co-variance test (Ancova and Mancova).
Results: Multi-variable covariance(Ancova and Mancova) analyze showed that there was a significant difference among two groups in the case of psychological well-being and quality of life in MS patients in psychological dimension (p< 0/001).
Conclusion: Mindfulness- Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy may increase psychological well-being in MS patients and also improves quality of life in MS patients in psychological dimension.


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