In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Health Psychology Association

Journal of  QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY  is a peer review scientific Journal published by payame Noor university. The aim of the Journal is to publish articles in persian  language with English abstracts of high scientific quality related to those domains which are presently of interest to  health psychology including: psychological aspects of chronic disease, mental health, stress & coping,​Evaluation and dissemination of treatment approaches that target the individual, family, group, multicenter, or community level,Couple and family relationships in health,psychological intervention for individuals with chronic mental and physical disease.


Health-related psychological and social mediators

Psychological and social processes associated with the symptoms of diseases

Behavioral and emotional responses to disease, screening and medical diagnostic methods

Psychological factors The spread of cosmetic surgery, cesarean section, cosmetics consumption and community issues

Psychological factors (health) associated with different types of addiction

The role of new media and technologies in promoting health

Inequalities in health and disease

The role of health psychology in promoting the health system

Psychological aspects of exercise and nutrition

The role of emotions in health-related behaviors

Psychological interventions in drug follow-up and treatment of diseases and health promotion

 Family and health

Psychological aspects of physical illness prevention

Spirituality, religion, culture and health

Chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, MS and accidents)

A transformational approach to health psychology.

 Research and measurement methodology in health psychology